Advent Calendar

Si Smith is a hugely popular proost artist. He has drawn 25 iconic illustrations for advent. Ian Adams has then reflected on each and written a very short inspirational piece. The calendar is presented in pdf format so able to be viewed in web browsers, with adobe reader, or put onto iphones or ipads or equivalent. At the beginning is a page with the numbers. If you click on a number it takes you to that page. This is a fun way to use it round the meal table with friends or family. Pdf files can also be viewed full screen which is the best way to view this. Proost subscribers also have access to the individual images and words so you can be creative with those.

We have been asked by various people and churches what you can do with this in terms of copyright. So a few responses...
1. We want it to be used creatively. So do be imaginative! We imagined it being used on a screen in a church, in homes with a family, on an iphone or ipad or equivalent.
2. You can't put the images on your church web site - sorry! This would just make it available for free to the world. Whilst that would be nice we are big fans of artists like Si and Ian and want to be generous to you but also to them. However if you have an e-mail list in a church/group/community/family or a protected web space you could post one image and thought a day say.
3. It's fine to print them out. Someone e-mailed to ask if they could print a big poster of each one every day to put outside in public space - we love that idea!
Hope that makes sense. Enjoy!

Price: £3.50