One of my favourite moments of the stories of Jesus is when he walks amongst his disciples and gently breathes on them as a prayer.  The result is that each person receives the Spirit of God .... a new way of breathing. 

As Pentecost draws near we remember once again that there is more to life than food, sports, money, sex, work or politics.  At Pentecost we remember that each person can be a 'temple' of God's spirit, as Paul puts it.  From a garden, to a tent, to a temple ... God had had a place to dwell with people but the life and death of Jesus meant there was a new dwelling place of God ... in each one of us.

"Remain in Me, also as I remain in you" Jesus in John 15:4

I'm writing this update from a cafe on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, Illinois.  I'm here with a couple of Proost friends and hosted by Proost artists The Many, to meet artists and activists in the Chicago area and to see how Proost can help people exploring a spiritual life Stateside.  Tonight we host our second Proost on Tour event at the Live Cafe in Oak Park Chicago.  Already our short visit has shown us that God's spirit is at work in people's lives and in communities across this city.  The Spirit of God inspires new songs, compelling poetry, beautiful street art, immense architecture and innovative protest.  That same Spirit is building communities of love and respect which cross political, ethnic and religious lines.  Its inspiring to be a part of it.

Proost exists to give a voice to these creative expressions of the Spirit of God.  It is therefore apt for us to be here at Pentecost and we want to share a few resources that might help you navigate and explore this season and what it means to your own spiritual journey.

Wild Spirit of the Living God is a wonderful collection of prayers and liturgies by wandering prophet Russ Parker.  This book, released in 2015, has become a real favourite on the site and contains some wonderful, challenging and bold prayers and activities.  Russ book takes the wild Spirit-led lives of the Celtic saints as its theme and builds on his wide knowledge and understanding of these early pioneers of the Christian faith.  

"Wild Spirit of the living, breathing God come and get me, come and grab me, come and get a hold of me. I don’t want to manage without you anymore."  Grab Me God, by Russ Parker

Pentecost is a great visual meditation by Mark Berry, part of the SafeSpace community in Telford, UK.  This reflection was originally created for a local TV station and is a great short video resource.  Another set of great short movies is the series Fire, Light and Flames which use music by Aradhna.  These are wonderful background movies and perfect for a contemplative reflection.  I am Always with You by Molten Meditation is a another great movie resource.  This Proost class reflects on Matthew 28 and Jesus' words that He is with us evermore.  All these movies can be downloaded immediately and are available for under £5.

Alternative Worship, Spirit of the New is always a popular album at this time of year.  A classic reinvention of a number of tracks straight out of the Alternative Worship movement, this album is as relevant today as it was when it first came out.  Watch out for the accompanying Instrumental version too.

Lastly we have a number of liturgy and poetry books which reflect this season of Pentecost.  I'd particularly want to mention Learning to Love - our most popular title ever which contains poems suitable for every occassion and always rich in honesty and vulnerability.  

Why not check out these and any other of our resources and do use the Seasons option in the menu to find out more.  If you're new to Proost, then often the Get it All Subscription is the best way to make the most of the content on the site.  You can download everything we have with this, for just £60. 

As we mentioned our team is in Chicago today and then tomorrow we fly onto Hamilton, Ontario in Canada for our next live event.  Its not too late to come along and you can find details at our EventBrite page. Watch out for more live events coming up in the UK in the coming months too.

In the meantime we pray each of us receives a fresh breath of God's Spirit in our lives.  Remember whatever is happening in your life, you remain a temple of God's spirit.  


The Proost Team