Dawn After Curling


Dawn after Curling is a beautiful collection of poems from new author Hannah Caroe and includes some original photography from Jonny Baker.

Hannah tells stories in her poems of her romance with God.  Yet these poems have a grit to them in the midst of this love for God.  She shares her vulnerability of her journey and this light and dark is evident in the words she uses. 

The title piece ‘Dawn after Curling’ is a narrative more than a poem, a story of a girl on a journey and a God who’s accompanying her. 

“God hitches her skirts, fastens her flying goggles, and ties a natty rose- coloured scarf about her head. There is work to be done.”

Following that opening is some beautiful poetry.  We’ve included 'Hope from the Shadows' here:

Sometimes the darkness
is so thick

we struggle to find home
amidst earth's noise.
God is silent and hope
flickers only dimly.

Into such a winter world
was born light
in Palestine: announced
to hillside vagrants

and wandering magicians.
In that light was hope
to overwhelm titans

and drown nightmare eons of pain.
And into the cave's empty shadows
shone blinding celestial joy.


This download is a PDF digital download but the book is also available in hard copy through our Lulu site



Price: £3.50