Easter Journeys

Yesterday I was reflecting on the extraordinary nature of this Lent in terms of the life of the Church.  Millions of people have been on a journey.  Not just one of prayer, reflection and fasting but a journey in which the Church has changed during this time.  Pope Francis I was not on the horizon at the beginning of Lent.  We knew a new Archbishop of Canterbury was on the way, but Lent has seen his Prayer Pilgrimage around the country and Inauguration as Archbishop.  What is common to both these new leaders is a sense of hope in the Church and a commitment to a journey back to Jesus and through him to the needs of those on the margins.   If those ideas resonate with you then some of these Easter resources may help over the coming weeks of your own journeys.

Crucify this Jesus is a set of liturgies to accompany Easter.  If you're wanting words and prayers to accompany this season. Check it out.

Isaiah 53 is a beautiful and challenging movie which sets the words of Isaiah's suffering servant to the surroundings and needs of Telford in the UK.  Pope Francis suggested a 'poor church' was the way forward for the Catholic family and this idea seeds in the way Jesus lived as a poor refugee and stood with those in need.  This movie takes familiar words and places them in an ordinary town amongst living people and the reflection takes on a different feel as a result.

Raised in Leeds is Si Smith's illustrated attempt to place the resurrection of Jesus at the heart of a city.  It's a beautiful and challenging piece which is available to download as a PDF.   If you check out the product there are also details of how to get a physical copy of it.

Many people over Easter will choose to explore the Stations of the Cross.  Twelve Stations by Jon Birch is an animated movie which gets to the heart of this ritual and creates a new perspective on those events of good Friday.  Stations of the Resurrection is another twist on Easter worship with a reflective art-focused experience of what the Resurrection says to us today.

Spiked Creator is a powerful poem by Mike Barnett, set on a black screen and allowing you to go deep into it's challenging verses.  If you want something creative to accompany an Easter reflection then this comes highly recommended.

Lastly, do continue to check our Making Communion and Parabolic Parables PDF's which came new onto the site at the beginning of Lent.  We've been really pleased by their impact and the way people have got excited about them as a resources.  Look out for new content coming straight after Easter with a number of pieces of liturgy, writing, music and visual art on the way.

Last but by no means least, if any of this content is something you're thinking of getting hold of you, you might want to look at our subscription.  For £60 you can literally get it all, all of our content for a year.  You can find subscription details here.

Thanks for reading and take care.

The Proost team