Future Present

Today is an exciting day for Proost as we launch our first Kickstarter campaign.
Our project is Future Present, a new zine in collaboration with the Church Mission Society and their wonderful band of pioneers and missional entrepreneurs.
Future Present will be a beautifully designed and printed and your own physical copy of the Zine will be something we think you'll go back to again and again.
We want to invite all of the Proost family - artists, supporters, customers and collaborations to get involved in this project.  We really believe in it, the content and quality of the zine and the impact we believe it will have.  The kickstarter essentially gives you the opportunity to pre-order copies at a lower cost but also gives you the chance to bulk buy and to support the project in a wider sense.  There is also the chance to collaborate on hosting a Proost Live event in your area.  Do visit the page and give us your support if you can.
We've loved partnering on this Zine and its creation.  
This is a zine for dreamers of other possible worlds, other possible futures for our planet, society, business, church, or whatever other area of life you care to choose. Each contributor was invited to imagine a different future and then ask ‘so what’ for how we act in the present now. The first task is to imagine the future and then the second task is to act in the present on the basis of that imagined future, to make the future present, to embody a better world now. The reflections in this zine are quite macro - planet, church, city. But it actually gets just as interesting when drilled down to something very focused and local - a village school, a business, sharing work and parenting in a marriage, what to do about the 8 churches in a deanery, 6 families stressed out on work and paying the bills exploring how they might live differently together.
Future present is a play on a tense. It says something will have happened. The future is present. Life gets so busy and focused on the immediate that it’s much easier to live and act in the past continuous tense unable to change or shift out of old ways of doing, thinking, being. It does take some kind of intervention, space and intentionality to have a different kind of conversation. 
This zine has come about as a result of a Conversations Day with pioneers that we held on this theme at the pioneer training at Church Mission Society in Oxford.  Having previously published books off the back of days it felt as though something which could incorporate visual ideas and colour would suit the material much better. So a self published zine is what we have landed on. And it is looking cool so far - we're pretty excited about it! 
There are contributions from 14 thinkers and practitioners, all of whom have a unique take on their dreams for the future and how to make them a reality now.  You'll be buying into the big dreams of...
Jonny Baker and Cathy Ross, leaders and key thinkers of CMS's work with Pioneers.
Michael Moynagh, theology guru for the Fresh Expressions movement.
Ian Adams, poet and practitioner and Proost regular.
Emma Major, Berkshire pioneer imagining different approaches to church as a Lay Pioneer in the Church of England.
Anna Ruddick, presenting researched based thinking.
And many many more
All the writers contributions, the photography and graphics and the design and layout is being donated so cost is being kept to a minimum. The target on kickstarter if reached will cover the costs of the print run. Any profit thereafter will go back into further creative publishing projects, perhaps a second issue even.