In The Image of God [pdf]


The Sophia Network exists to connect women in youth work and ministry to access training, develop skills, and share wisdom. This book has grown out of conversations in the network with contributions from various members -  Jenny Baker, Jenny Cornfield, John Coyne, Sally Nash, Jude Trenier, Ruth Hassall, Sharon Prior, and edited by Jenny Baker. Here's the blurb from the back cover...

How we read and understand the Bible has huge consequences for our lives. The challenging reality is that Christians reading the same texts, asking the same Spirit to help them understand, all wanting to follow Jesus, can come to different conclusions about key issues like the roles of men and women.

We want to encourage people to get to grips with what the Bible says about men and women, to have a firm biblical foundation for what they believe and how they live, whatever conclusion they come to. The Sophia Network believes that the Bible speaks about the equality of men and women in every area of life and ministry and this eight-session course will help you to explore that perspective.

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