Journey to the Inward Wild: A Hymnal of the Wild Vol.2


Welcome to the latest work by the wonderful Tim Watson - regular poet and contributor to the Proost family.  

This book represents the second in his Hymnal of the Wild series.  Volume 1 Fear and Dust represented the beauty of brokeness and the jutaposition of the God of the world and the challenges of pain and suffering.  It proved to be one of Proost's bigger sellers and still receives interest a year after it's first publication.

Volume Two takes us to the deeper place of stillness and of refuge from the "mania" of our busy lifes.  The poems feel like a liturgy compelling us to be still yet realising how tricky that is.  Tim writes in his introduction:

"In my experience, I have found that while the outward wilderness journey speaks of adventure and opportunity - the journey into the inward wild of the soul can lead to a deeper adventure, a personal refreshing, a sense of the disparate elements of life fitting together like jigsaw pieces to form an abstract canvas of the inner-life.

In the routine of busy lives, carving out space for self-care can be challenging. I have come around to the idea that for many of us, to truly embrace more of the contemplative life we may need to be disrupted into silence, we may need to have the daily schedule of noise and activity interrupted. My hope is that these poems and prayers might act as a disruption to the everyday."

This wonderful book contains 97 poems exploring different aspects of the this struggle for stillness.  Expect honesty, real-life language and experiences and the tension of wonder and brokeness.  Tim yet again finds a language for the deep things of life that many of us find it so hard to express. 

This page is for the PDF download of the book.  If you'd like a physical copy then you can find one at our Lulu Pages.

We love this book and it's beautful poems and found it very hard to find a sample to share as we could have included every poem in this product page but here's two to wet your appetite.

Moth and Rust

With every stolen breath Consume the kingdom
Trade timeless treasure
For fodder for moths
Take what was tempered
And build a tabernacle to last Share second-hand stories From the book that was bought Trade treasure for scrap
And never trade it back

Hidden Depths

Plotting revolutions
Kettled on a march
Hands plunged deep into earthly clay At play amidst the mess
Mustiness of uncounted books Voices rising in unison
Coffee, notebook, pen, everything Gathered at table
Alone before the cross
Set amidst the skate park
This thin place
Where God is made known


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