Labyrinth Kit

This labyrinth was first run in St Paul’s Cathedral London in 2000. What was unique about it was that a series of stations are incorporated into the journey that the walker visits. Each one has an associated meditation to listen to with accompanying ritual activity. A kit was developed in a physical format to help people run their own labyrinths which proved very popular (and is still available in the USA as the Prayer Path). We decided that it was time we (proost) made it available as a download rather than reproduce the physical kit again in the UK. This part of the download includes a leader’s guide with all the instructions for setting it up and two movies that go with a couple of the stations. Have a look at to see more info on the labyrinth which has been run all round the world now. There are two ways of running the labyrinth - one with individual audio of meditations which was how we first ran it. If you want to do that you can purchase the album Labyrinth Meditations from the audio section of the site and put the tracks on mp3 players. The other way is to print out the meditations at each station. The text for them is in the section of the labyrinth web site - texts. We love labyrinths and have run them in all sorts of ways and places over the years. It's great to give this one a new lease of life.

Price: £6.99

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