New titles as Easter approaches

We're really excited to bring your two new products this week on Proost as Lent comes to a close and Holy week and Easter approach.

Firstly we welcome back Tim Watson and his amazing new collection 'Fear and Dust: A Hymnal for the Wild' Volume One. We were blown away when we received the drafts of Tim's new work.  It's edgy, powerful and deeply challenging as well as profoundly beautiful.  Tim writes heartfelt words expressing the pain and questioning of the wilderness.  We think it's a perfect accompaniment to this season but also is a wonderful blessing to anyone who's ever asked questions of God or the world around them. Do take a look and check out 'A Formless Void' which is on the product page.

Next we welcome Dennis Hendricksen to Proost.  Dennis is an eclectic musician bringing different genre's of music to life with skill and imagination.  Very Nearly a Whisper is the first of two albums we're going to release.  It's an ambient collection of tracks which would be great in a prayer room or worship installation.  They provide space to meditate and are punctuated by the ringing of a prayer bowl.  Check out the product page for a sample track and then go and download the album.  We think it's wonderful.

Easter is also approaching and so we wanted to highlight some of the Easter related resources on the site that we love and that each year prove very popular.  Si Smiths Stations of the Resurrection is another of his wonderful collections of contemporary art and spirituality.  Si focuses on the resurrection appearances of Jesus based around the city of Leeds.  Ian Adams brings art and words to the project.  Do also check out Raised in Leeds.

Crucify this Jesus is a beautiful and moving set of liturgies for Easter Week.  Once again this is a Tim Watson production and brings all his beauty and articulate language that is so powerful and moving.

Twelve Stations is a wonderful animation by Jon Birch, bringing a fresh take on this classic and tradition Easter reflection.

These and all our other Easter reflections can be found by searching our Seasons categories and looking for either Good Friday or Easter.  We hope you enjoy them.

We'll be back with some more new products shortly but in the meantime every blessing for the Easter season.

The Proost Team