As I'm writing this an eery mist is covering my home town of Sheffield.  It feels like the outside world is emerging from a fog as the sun tries hard to win over from the last few days of snow and ice.  

At this time of year, for centuries, followers of Christ have begun to turn their eyes towards the coming season of Lent which begins on 1st March.  Lent is experienced in different ways and in different traditions but mirrors Jesus 40 days in the wilderness and explores ourselves and our willingness to come face to face with our internal life - both light and shadows. 

Writer Brian McLaren reminds us that "in that silent baby, lying in that humble manger, there pulses more potential power and wisdom and grace and aliveness than all the rest of us can imagine." 

This Advent we're very excited to launch our new Fanzine, called Discordant.  

Last winter we spent time asking the Proost family how we might improve and development what we do here.  One theme of the feedback was for us to be more imaginative about the way we communicate and the way we invite content and input from others.  Our fanzine aims to explore these ideas.

You can download our first issue for free here.  

Download Proost Fanzine as a PDF 

As we approach the season of Advent we are reminded again that we wait for God to come to us.  We wait in hope for we know that the presence of God with us - that we remember in the birth of Jesus - is transformative in ways that we can only begin to imagine.  We wait in hope.

Writing his seminal book 'God in the Manger' Dietrich Bonhoeffer considered the amazing hope of the birth of Christ.  

As October rolls into the beginnings of Winter so it's time for us to ramp up things here at Proost.

In the coming weeks you'll be seeing our Advent resources featured and you can look out for new material from Ian Adams amongst others.  We're also busy completing our first Proost Fanzine - a downloadable PDF or EBook sharing poetry, prayers, ideas and features as well as some surprises.  Watch out for more here soon.

So as this time we have some things to finish off and some features to share.