As the Summer stretches out in front of us we've dedicated these next few weeks at Proost to feature New Artists and profile their work.  These will be people who've not published with Proost before and we think may be new to many of you.

First in our New Artists Season on Proost is Rage/Despair/Hope which is a wonderful resource from Luton based 'Youthscape'.

Rage/Despair/Hope tells the story of Job and his battles with person struggles and suffering and how this affected his relationships with others and God.  Its beautiful and profound and faces up to many of the insecurities and life questions each of us face. 

Rage/Despair/Hope is available in three distinct packs:

As Summer comes each year, we at Proost take a little time to take stock and reflect on all we do and what people are asking us each year.  So often our busy times of Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Pentecost leave us so little time to imagine that it's fun to take stock and to do some different things.  Summer 2016 is no exception and despite all the rain in the UK we'd like to put some smiles on your faces by annoucing Proost's first New Artist's Season.

Plato believed that the way you understood what really made a man or woman tick was what they did with power.  Today can tell you very quickly that power is a valuable commodity and many people will make great sacrifices and sometimes do terrible things to get it.  The political power of elections. The financial power of companies and economies.  The relational power of mobility and influence.  The physical power of weapons and might.  All across our world there are the powerful and then there are many who feel powerless.  

We're very excited to share a special free resource for Easter from new Proost artist Deborah Fielding.  That Week is a set of  four short stories reflecting the four days of the Easter Weekend and it's free to everyone at Proost.

Deborah is a writer and storyteller who may be familiar to Greenbelt audiences.  

We are very excited to feature Deborah's work on Proost and we're hoping to share much more in the future.