Thomas a Kempis once wrote
"Nothing, how little so ever it be, if it is suffered for God's sake, can pass without merit in the sight of God." 
As we approach Lent, many people will be taking time to reflect on their journey of faith and to ponder what God might want to speak to them about during the this time of reflection leading up to Easter.

Here at Proost Central the tree is up, the tinsel is hanging off our computer screens and the Christmas playlist is on full-blast.  It's two weeks till Christmas and we wanted to let you know about the seasonal treats that are available on the website.  As always we hope they'll really add to the devotional side of the season for you and your communities.

Here at Proost we're very excited to launch 'We Who Still Wait', a collaboration between Chris Goan, Ian Adams, Steve Broadway and Si Smith

As we begin the month of November our eyes start turning to a star and a stable and a time of year where we learn again to be patient.

Advent literally means 'arrival'.  It leads us to the celebration of the arrival of God made man, in the birth of Jesus.  But the season of Advent is all about waiting - waiting for this arrival and waiting for when He comes again.  Its a season that leads itself to preparation, to promises yet fulfilled and to waiting for God.  It can lead us into journeys of pain, frustration, joy and wonder.  Waiting changes us.

It's been a busy time here at Proost.  In August we launched Learning to Love, our collaborative poetry book with contributions from new poets all around the world.  The book has gone on to be one of our largest sellers in Proost's history and the poems have made an impact on many people.  We want to again, express our thanks to everyone who contributed.