As we begin the month of November our eyes start turning to a star and a stable and a time of year where we learn again to be patient.

Advent literally means 'arrival'.  It leads us to the celebration of the arrival of God made man, in the birth of Jesus.  But the season of Advent is all about waiting - waiting for this arrival and waiting for when He comes again.  Its a season that leads itself to preparation, to promises yet fulfilled and to waiting for God.  It can lead us into journeys of pain, frustration, joy and wonder.  Waiting changes us.

It's been a busy time here at Proost.  In August we launched Learning to Love, our collaborative poetry book with contributions from new poets all around the world.  The book has gone on to be one of our largest sellers in Proost's history and the poems have made an impact on many people.  We want to again, express our thanks to everyone who contributed.

It's been a busy and exciting August for Proost and there's a little more to come.  

As promised we have an exciting new product to launch this week.  Learning to Love is Proost's first poetry collection.  Its 247 pages of poems written by many of you - by people from the Proost family - who responded to editor Chris Goan's request for poems on social media in April 2013.  Since that first request hundreds of poems have been submitted and a vibrant and challenging collection of new poetry has emerged.  We're incredibly excited about this. 

Chris writes ....

Summer is here and at Proost we're gearing up for a busy and exciting summer.  Over the holiday period we'll be launching a number of new products including 'Learning to Love' a poetry anthology of work contributed by people all over the UK and around the world and compiled by our friend Chris Goan.  It's gutsy earthy honest poetry by normal people like you and me.  We'll be issuing more details very shortly.   We're also excited that some of these poets and poems will feature at this years Greenbelt festival in Northampton, UK.