Crucify This Jesus


Included in this little book is a selection of poems and liturgies for use in Easter week. The poems and liturgies begin on Palm Sunday and work through to Easter Sunday. 
Each day has a different focus and contains at least one liturgy and poem.
 For most days in the week an outline for a general Morning Prayer service is provided. This is a basic outline and really just facilitates the placing of prayers and readings. For example, the Easter Sunday Vigil, is not a complete vigil service, rather a selection of readings and prayers laid out in a simple user friendly format. 
These everyday liturgies can be used in groups or as an individual.

Within the body of the text are two extended pieces. The first is a poem, Crucify This Jesus that can be used within any Good Friday service. It takes at least 20 minutes to read aloud but might provide a helpful reflection. The other extended piece is an Emmaus Supper liturgy to be used on Easter Sunday (or for practical reasons in the week following). The liturgy is a table liturgy set around a communal meal.

The hope with all of the liturgies, prayers and poems included in this volume is that they might enable space for reflection on different aspects of Easter, but also provide opportunities and impetus to be empowered to live out a resurrection faith.

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