Once again to the wilderness

"Lent comes providentially to reawaken us, to shake us from

our lethargy"

Pope Francis

Once again we are about to step into the season of Lent.  Each year it seems to me (at least) that the positioning of Lent so soon after Christmas makes sense in our over-indulging and consumerist culture.  After the season where everything seems full we walk into a time of deliberate emptiness.  Lent, as Pope Francis reminds us, can reawaken our spirits and shake us from our lethargy.

New on Proost this month is 40 Temptations from Ian Adams.  This beautiful resource is in the mould of Give Me a Drink and other reflective downloads from Ian.  When I received the draft I was excited to see what Ian had come up with and wasn't disappointed.  40 Temptations takes us beyond a simple understanding of temptation to consider our inner and more subconcious darkness.  Then far from running away from the dark he encourages us to embrace it and to sanctify it - sometimes even discovering gifts within it.  These reflections were part of Ian's own Lent journey in 2015 so have a practical power which shines through.  Take a look at the product page and we really recommend this lovely set of meditations.

Each Lent we're amazed at the way 40 by Si Smith & Chris Goan continues to connect with Proost regulars.  Take a look at 40 Book and 40 the video to explore this wonderful creation and the way it helps people through this season.

If you're looking for Lent resources then do check out our Seasons tab and go to Lent or to Good Friday/Easter.  In those sections you'll find other resources like Francis:Stories and Reflections by Andy Freeman, Old Lost and Broken Dreams by Tim Watson, Restless by Tim Snyder or Where are You? by Jon Birch.  These resources are specifically focused on this season and we know have proved so helpful to people in the past.

Lastly, we like to say a big thanks to Proost users and Proost artists who've completed our user survey online.  We've been so blessed by your helpful comments and the positivity that Proost is held with.  We will be taking all the comments on board and coming up with new ideas into 2016.  If you've not taken part yet, it's not too late just visit this link to find out more.

We'll be in touch with more new resources in the next few weeks, particularly a wonderful new film from Paul Hutchinson which we're just getting ready to launch.  Keep your eyes out for details.

In the meantime, we are praying for all our regulars as they approach Lent - for a reawakening as we go again to the wilderness.


The Proost Team