Openings EP, Sheet Music and Liturgy


Openings is a unique piece of art from The Many, a Chicago based collaboration featuring the work of Proost friends Gary & Lenora Rand.

Openings is a very different style from most of what you'd find on Proost.  Presented at the Wild Goose Festival in the US in 2016, it features music in a style you may find on albums like Enter the Worship Circle.  Expect harmonies, worshipful lyrics and moments of depth and beauty.  

However Openings is far more than a worship album.  The EP develops it's five songs into many different genres from gospel to folk.  Gary describes them as "songs to sing quietly and songs to get up and dance."

Then there is the experience itself of Openings.  These songs were created as a ritual/performance/participation for the Wild Goose Festival in North Carolina, USA in July 2016.  Gary Rand describes Openings as a "wild, holy, rite of resistance to the dominant stories of scarcity, exclusion and violence all around us.  Its a sacred celebration and a meal of bread and wine to reconnect with the God whose name is Love."

We found ourselves blown away by the liturgy and ritual that accompanies the five Openings songs.  About half way through the ritual as the congregation have sung Kyrie Eleison together we are asked to remember the refugee crisis, the killing of 49 people at an LGBT club and the conflict in Syria.  This collection of art and reflection is moving, pulls no punches and is deeply relevant to the world we live in right now.  

The pack includes all the liturgies, images from the performances and sheet music for the songs so that you can use material in your settings.  The EP contains five tracks as follows:

1. Holy Is Your Name
2.  Only Grace
3.  Lovely, Needy People
4.  Room for Us All
5.  Find Our Way to Love
You can hear tracks and see more about Openings and the work of The Many at
Price: £6.50

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