Parabolic Parables

Parabolic Parables is a creative re-working of the stories Jesus used to unlock the idea of the Kingdom of God.  Author Samir Dawlatly describes his work as a modernised reworking of the teachings of a 1st Century Rabbi. 

Parabolic Parables takes you on a journey of different styles and emotions as Samir explores each parable in turn.  Indeed, his title is an indication of this journey as his stories follow a parabola of feelings and thoughts and as he points out, our word 'parabola' has the same Greek root as parable.

This pdf download has 45 pieces in poetry, prose and also in prayerful style.  I loved reading it and I'm sure you will too.

If you'd prefer to explore this product in book form you can find it via Lulu.  The hard copy book is priced at £7.

Price: £3.50