This Sunday the global church celebrates Pentecost where we remember the outpouring of God's Spirit on those faithful, fumbling, fearful and fascinating disciples. 

We shared a variety of Pentecost resources in our last update 'Wild Spirit' a few weeks ago.  Do follow the link to take a look.

But this time, by means of change we'd like to share some prayers for you and for followers of Christ around the world at this time. These are prayers and quotes written by Proost authors that share something of the hope we and others have for the resources on this website.  Our prayer that these pieces of creativity become something creative and life-giving in your hands, in the lives of those you know, in communities, churches and pioneering settings.  Our prayer most of all is that God's creative Spirit gets to work in each of us and in our communities.  That when we are together God pours out His Spirit on each of us.


Voice of the living God, speak into my life.

Speak to my soul.

Speak to my dreams and hopes.

Speak to my fears. Speak Lord, and we will try to listen. Amen

Taken from 'Francis: Stories and Reflections'


"The church is God’s pilot project for The Happy Ending. Expressed in love, the church is a collection of imperfect people who - despite their differences and preferences - recognize that there is a better way to live with each other, with the earth, and in relation to God. Call it a practice session or a dry run, the church is sorting out what it will be like to live as we were always intended to live. Think of it as a jumpstart on The Happy Ending."

Taken from 'And We Will Become a Happy Ending'

Poured Out

Thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit of Jesus

Who was there at Pentecost Poured out on the disciples.

Poured out in Jerusalem in the upper room with power with the Jews from every nation hearing in their own languages, Peter preaching the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, healing the lame man, confronting the powers of empire and domination.

Taken from 'Making Communion'

Just for Once

"Just for once,

Let’s not have that type of revival

Which is more about being in charge again

Than about being broken open

And poured out in the care of worlds.

Rather, let it be the Spirit of healing saying, “God is back Giving the kiss of life To a world turned pale and dull.”

Taken from 'Wild Spirit of the Living God'

From everyone at Proost we pray that God's Spirit may fill you and bless you this Pentecost