The Pocket Liturgy Box Set 1 (Physical Books)

One of the most popular and inspiring series we've hosted on Proost has been Pocket Liturgies.  

These wonderful collections represent the prayers, liturgies and practice of local pioneering communities and expressions of church across the UK.  Pocket liturgies take a snapshot of their worship and make the ideas available for you to use.

As a special experiment we've brought six pocket liturgies together and created physical books rather than downloads for you to buy as a set.  This is the Pocket Liturgy Box Set 1 ! 

For £20 including P&P (in the UK only - other countries will vary) you get six physical copies of our best selling pocket liturgies:

1. Standing in the Long Now.  A special Greenbelt collection from 2009 draws together liturgies and prayers used at that festival and was curated by Ben Edson.  This book is no longer available in any other format.

2. Making Communion.  Compiled by Jonny Baker and Grace, this is an imaginative set of liturgies for the Eucharist.

3. Visions Pocket Liturgies.  Visions is the seminal alternative worship gathering which was led for many years by Sue Wallace.  This is an incredibly rich book of liturgies and flexible to any context.  

4. Sanctus 1 Pocket Liturgies.  Sanctus from Manchester bring us a Pocket Liturgy which is grassroots and empowering in nature.  This book comes as toolkit for gathered worship with ideas on music, environment as well as structure and liturgy for gathered worship.  A great resource.

5. Holy Darkness.  This book came out of Proost's 10th anniversary where Sophie Dutton won the chance to share her amazing and powerful liturgies which confront darkness and tragedy head on.  A classic Proost title.

6. A Book of Blessings.  This title by Juli Allen does what is says on the tin and provides a series of new blessings from every kind of occassion.  Another title that came from our Unusual Suspects series.

This unique collection of books will be available for a limited period only so get hold of them whilst you can.

For those with Get it All Subscriptions these physical books are sadly not included in that deal but you can obtain the PDF downloads of all these products as part of your subscription.

Price: £20.00