In praise of pioneers

This month Proost is championing those amongst us whose tendency is to pioneer.  Whether you're out creating a new form of church, establishing a community project or imagining a new piece of art or poetry, we'd like to celebrate and support you.  As commentators continue to write obituaries of the established church as we know it, there are thousands of courageous and creative pioneers who are re-imagining what faith and spirituality looks like in this new century.  We hope some of the resources we feature this month may help you in your journey and fuel your faith.

This month's new content comes from just such a person.  Come and See is a series of thoughts and meditations on the journey of establishing and then sustaining a missional venture.  It's written by Ian Adams, a Proost regular who is very much a pioneer in his own right.  Come and See speaks of Ian's experiences both of his own journey and in supporting other people and communities emerging around the UK.  It's full of beautiful writing, thought provoking questions and some stunning photography.   Ian writes:

'Come and See' is a guide and resource for anyone wanting to begin or sustain a Christ-following community or project, shaped by and for contemporary and local culture wherever we are. The steps outlined offer a collection of experience, guidance, ideas and questions for the path - enabling the reader to find and create their own ways forward, drawing on their skills and shaped by and for their local context.
So together, let's 'come and see'...

Also featured this month are liturgies from two emerging and pioneering communities.  Grace and Moot have explored what these new shapes of church might look like for a long period of time and are both seen as established fresh expressions of church.  Making Communion by Grace looks at the creative ways to engage with the eucharist in a new community.  Moot's Pocket Liturgies explores their own rule and rhythms of life in the midst of creative and original liturgies.  Both books give a real insight into the life of these communities.

Explorations by Ned Lunn has come out of the Rough Edge community in Durham.  It explores passionate and original prayers in the style of beat poetry.  This is a classic case of pioneering through re-imagining of the familiar and it works brilliantly. 

Here at Proost we want to provide resources that inspire our worship, but also in the midst of being creative inspire us to pioneer new ideas and new concepts of church and faith.  With that in mind we're grateful and thankful to all the creative people who we feature on this site and without who's ideas and vision Proost would not exist.

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Next month we're going to feature more resources for Pioneers and watch out for the new 'Pioneering' section on our category menu on the main page.  Until then take care and see you soon.

The Proost Team