Preparing for Lent

As Lent starts this week we want to highlight some great new content coming this month and also put the spotlight on a few classics, which are particularly relevant to this season.   Hot news is that you can now follow us on Twitter @ProostTweets and Facebook and where we'll post details of new content and offers on a regular basis as well as quotes and extracts from our resources.  Do follow us. 

Making Communion from Grace is the latest in the line of Pocket Liturgies which have consistently been popular over the years.  Making Communion is the second set of Liturgies from Grace but specifically explores Communion  and is packed with creative, innovative approaches to the church's most ancient rite. It also has a long introduction which helpfully shares Grace's story and how they have negotiated a creative approach within the Church of England.

Also new is Parabolic Parables by Samir Dawlatly.  This book showcases poetry and reflection on the incredible stories told by Jesus.  If you're looking for a focus to accompany you during Lent we'd highly recommend this new title.  And remember there are lots of reflections on the Parables throughout the site like Jon Birch's Benny the Boss.  As a little taster of Samir's work here's Candlelight ...

Candlelight (Luke 8: 16-18)
No one buys a beautiful candle
Then covers it with a blanket
Or hides it in a cupboard
A candle is placed on a stand
Or a table
Where its flickering light
Can be appreciated
By all who enter the room
For all the dark corners
Will eventually
Be brought into the open
Everything hidden
Will be seen

If you're wanting to dig into our Archives then do look at our Season's section and there you'll find pages of relevant resources and material.  We particularly wanted to highlight a few cherries in this devotional cake.

40 is a series of illustrations by artist Si Smith set to a brilliant soundtrack.  This has proved a hit with all ages and is incredibly pertinent at this time of year in it's focus on Jesus' 40 days in the wilderness. The illustrations have also been incorporated into a brilliant book also called 40 as Si's illustrations are brought into a different focus through the reflections of Chris Goan.   We recommend the two together as brilliant resources for your own worship and for your church or community.

If you're taking part in or leading any groups in reflections or meditations this Lent the do have a look at our series of Movies, many of which like Tim Denby's VJ Loops 4 are specifically prepared to be used as part of acts of reflective worship.

The theme of wilderness is taken in a different direction by poet Harry Baker in the movie Cave.  Inspired by Ian Adam's book 'Cave, Refrectory, Road' it looks at the cave of place of solitude, prayer and intimacy with God.  As an aside there is a great collection of Harry Baker's poetry on the site if you want to find out more.

If you're wanting to find some prayers to accompany you through your day then Beat Tweets is one to check out.  These 140 character petitions, liturgies and exclamations at by @Beat Liturgist Tim Watson and could fill your coffee break or stick in your brain for hours.

Have a look around these resources and the rest of the site and we hope you'll find them as inspiring as we did.

We wish you every blessing for Lent.

The Proost Team