Resources for Easter

If you are wondering about resources on proost for Easter week, then the new seasons section enables you to search for both Good Friday and Easter resources. But here's a few suggestions from proost to summarise what is around.

Crucify This Jesus is a book of poems and liturgies that follows through Easter week literally a day at a time. Ideal for personal reflection, or with a group.

Stations of the Resurrection is an amazing new resource from Si Smith based on Jesus' resurrection appearances. It has the illustrations and instructions for setting up an installation experience. Raised in Leeds is the accompanying catalogue with the illustrations and scripture texts.

One of my personal favourite movies on proost is Twelve Stations which is an animated movie of stations of the cross. Calvary, Isaiah 53, Where are you?, Hand tools, the Cross and Spiked Creator are other movies suitable for Good Friday. Agony in the Garden is suitable for Maundy Thursday.

Several of the books have suitable pieces. Here's some suggestions -

And a few tracks on albums -