Stations of the Resurrection

Stations of the Resurrection is an art installation or worship experience based around 19 illustrations by Si Smith of Jesus' resurrection appearances. They are drawn as though they took place in and around Leeds, a city in the North of England. Ian Adams has created instructions for creating an art/worship experience with 19 stations to accompany the illustrations. Each station has the illustration, the scripture text, a focal point, a reflection, instructions for the accompanying action/ritual, and a prayer. Purchasing the resource will give you

  • Si Smith’s Raised in Leeds illustrations which are at 300dpi printable up to A3 size
  • An instruction booklet with details of what is required for each station and accompanying reflections and prayers.

Purchasing this resource gives you permission to use the images and reflections for personal use, in a small group or in a worship/art installation as outlined here and with imagination. You may also use an image to promote the event in printed or online publicity. But you are not permitted to upload the images individually to web sites, blogs, and other social media or to compile them in the form of a movie to youtube, vimeo or equivalent. 

Catalogues for Raised in Leeds which have the illustrations and accompanying scripture texts are available separately.

Price: £9.99