Summer Spectacular: New Resource

This week, as part of our continuing celebration of Summer on Proost, we're very excited to launch a new resource by the wonderful Ian Adams.

Ian is a writer, poet, curator and artist and a good friend of Proost.  His last offering 'Come and See: a guide for beginning and sustaining missional venture' was one of our most popular resources last year. Now Ian has followed that up with 'Give Me a Drink' - a creative resource exploring the healing nature of mission. 

Ian writes in the introduction:

'Give me a drink' is a pivotal phrase in a story about Jesus told by John in his gospel (John 4.1-42). It may be a particular gift to us as we ponder and experiment with the possibility of mission in the 21st century. The phrase is Jesus' request to a woman at a well, as he stops there tired and thirsty from a journey. And the request takes us into one of the key reflections on mission in this guide. That the healing that is mission happens in the context of a shared experience. It is not something that we do to others, but the outcome of a shared human need. We find healing together.


We loved receiving and reading Give me a Drink and want to recommend it highly to all of you.  Ian has the ability to combine images, beautiful language and story and then deep challenge and insight.  This PDF download is available for £3.99 in the UK, $7 on the US site.  We hope you enjoy it.



The Proost Team