Welcome Andy

We are really pleased to announce that Andy Freeman is joining the Proost team. He'll be taking on some of the day to day, liasing with artists, working with them to create and upload content and liase with subscribers and members - so quite a bit. We have been looking for a while for someone new to get involved and Andy seems like a perfect fit. By way of an introduction we caught up with Andy to ask him a few questions...

Proost: When did you first connect with Proost resources?
Andy: I've been a fan of Proost for some time.  I guess a few years back when I was working with 24-7 Prayer and trying to develop ideas in creative worship, liturgy and prayer I found the resources on Proost invaluable.  There are albums and Pocket Liturgies on the site that have been lifesavers to me.
Proost: When we met up it was great to discover that you had used so many proost resources and share such a similar approach to worship and spirituality. Tell us a bit about your own journey in engaging creatively in worship and spirituality? 
Andy: I was a youth worker in Reading trying to explore different ideas and ways young people could respond to God.  I had always been interested in Alt Worship but I guess I was trying to work out my own journey within it.  We held a 24-7 Prayer room in 1999 and it completely transformed what we were doing.  In the midst of it I discovered Contemplative Prayer, the Celts, got a renewed love for Liturgy and got involved with something called New Monasticism that I'm still trying to work out if I'm honest.  I love finding space to explore God and peace in the midst of life.  I love to be creative and to write, to draw, to hear great new music or things that inspire me ... This is my sort of soul food. 
Proost: What are you going to be doing with Proost?
Andy: I'm going to be working with the Proost team, looking at widening the knowledge and use of the website, helping to build relationships with artists and people who use the site and generally giving some time to sharing the good news about how helpful Proost can be.  I'm also going to be looking at new markets for Proost and to add to those who share their creativity on the site. 
Proost: You are a creator/producer of resources yourself - what sort of things have you worked on before and have you any ideas bubbling at the moment?
Andy: My main thing is around writing.  I had a book published called Punk Monk and have had a few other chapters/essays published too.  I write a lot on the web and also do something called Copy Writing where I do a blog or article on a specific subject - everything from sports to what guttering to buy !  I am currently working on some ideas around spirituality and culture.  I also like to write poetry and liturgy.
Proost: What else are you up to
Andy: Aside from having five kids, following Arsenal and having a love for Single-Malt Whiskey you mean?  I work with CMS training and supporting Pioneers - I love doing that.  I have a great boss who is actually Harry Baker's dad.  I am also trying to do some local pioneering myself - in a business called Space to Breathe and then doing some art and prayer for spiritual seekers in my home town of Reading.  
Proost: Thanks Andy! Looking forward to seeing what unfolds.