Wild Spirit

As Easter passes Christian's around the world begin to turn their attention to Pentecost.  Jesus has ascended and asked his disciples to wait for the 'Comforter'.  Then one morning they are filled with God's spirit, the church is formed and the world is changed.  Each year we remember this incredible gift of the Spirit of God, given to each of us.

In this season of waiting for Pentecost we're very excited to share a new resource called 'Wild Spirit of the Living God' by Russ Parker.  Russ is one of the founders of the Community of Aidan and Hilda and writes beautifully and powerfully in this book of prayers and poems expressing the heart and spirituality of Celtic saints past.  The book is helpfully categorized with seasonal sections on Easter but also resources for rituals and rites of passage.  It also has beautifully honest sections like 'Hunger' and 'Pathways'.  Here is a beautiful prayer called 'Prayer for Holy Hunger'.

O God, I have tasted your presence
And it has both satisfied me
and made me thirsty for more.
I am conscious of my need for you,
But not conscious enough.
I am ashamed of my lack of desire.
I want to want you more.
I long to be filled with longing for you.
I thirst to be made even more thirsty.
Give me a glimpse of you
So that I will want to gaze for longer.
Show me your glory so that I may know you,
In your mercy begin a new work of love in me,
Get me out of my comfortable complacency
And be filled with desire for you, In Jesus’ name, Amen

As well as Russ' new resource we have a diverse collection of Pentecost focused resources which you may find helpful in this season.  Featured on the home page are the classic album Alternative worship - Spirit of the new, the popular movie 'Pentecost' by Mark Berry and 'I am with you' from the Molten Meditation series.  These always prove popular at this time of year.

Looking deeper in the store, why note take a look at the Grace Instrumental album, particularly tracks like 'Come holy spirit' and 'Mighty wind.' From our Pocket Liturgies, the Navigatio title shares the beautiful story of St Brendan who has inspired the community to set sail with the Spirit of God in mission. 'Fire' (Pall Singh) is a great movie resource for any meditation, with beautifully filmed flames flickering a 7 minute meditative sequence of natural images related to fire with soundtrack by Aradhna.  Lastly why not take a look at the Proost classic Ten Thousand Places by Chris Goan inspired by Manley Hopkins poem 'Christ plays in ten thousand places'.  This is a beautiful book and has some wonderful poems to accompany preparation and reflection on Pentecost.

As Pentecost approaches we'll share some other great resources but do use our season's menu to find out more of what the site has to offer.

Whilst we have your attention can I share two other things. 

Our Movie Competition is entering it's final few weeks.  If you're a Movie maker it's not too late to submit your work.

And just a reminder that the best way to access all that Proost has to offer is a Get it All subscription.  £60 gives you access to everything we have for one year.  Why not take a look.

In the meantime, take care and thanks for reading.


The Proost team